Collection: WORKGEAR

We manufacturer a wide range of Workgear options including but not limited to:

- Heavy duty outdoor socks  - Active socks   - Dress socks   - Extra warm and/or Lightweight Beanies

We can also incorporate your company logos into these items or provide the option for these to be embroidered onto our clothing.

We also provide a range of Workgear clothing designs which are as follows:

  • Stockman Zip or Crew - This is a heavy weight woollen top

Available in both a 1/4 zip and crew

  • Ruahine Windblockers Jersey - This is our Heavy weight woollen top with a windblocker lining

Also available in 1/4 and Full Zip Options

  • Oilskins

Available in Vests, Short Sleeve and Long sleeve options

  • Lightweight Merino Jersey - Made from 100% Merino these are a great corporate option or alternative for the warmer conditions.

Available in both a V-Neck and Crew option and Black, Grey and Navy colours.